Fotoclickers Private Limited is a leading on-demand visual solutions company, based out of Chennai, India. We wish to ensure that sweet & nostalgic occurrences of every resident of this great country are captured with clarity, aesthetically stored digitally for retrieval whenever required. We work with photographers across the nation to accomplish this. We have created world-class web and mobile platforms to provide an extremely enjoyable experience to our customers.

Our Mission

1.Bring together talented and technically equipped professionals.

2.By being tuned in to the demand to our customers and meeting their expectations.

3.By leveraging state-of-the art technology to achieve scale and size.

Our Work

1.We Click for Individuals and Organizations.

2.We provide on-demand reliable photography services using technology as a facilitator.

3.We ensure that professional cameras are used instead of smartphones to record special and memorable occasions.

4.We store the precious memories on the cloud in a secure manner and enable access at the convenience of the customer.

5.We wish to create history by capturing it in the visual format for future generations to see, observe, introspect and appreciate.

Our Customer Engagement

We call our customers "LEGACIERS" as they have connected with FC to leave a legacy.

We will be serving in India until it makes legacy of our customers and will make next step in other countries.

What are the various services provided to customers?


High Resolution

Aesthetic and
Stylish Output

Protected Files


On Demand Services/
Scheduled Services


Per minute pricing for
On-Demand Services

Fair Structure
for scheduled services



Our philosophy is all about visual Communication

We build products that make treasuring your moments possible for a lifetime.

Cloud Storage - Anytime, Anywhere access to your memories.

Face Recognition - We ensure that you are never missed.

How does the future looks with FC.....

Monetize your photographs.

Create Visual History of yourself and your loved ones.

Geo-Positioning with time trigger technology.

Build legacy stories for your future generations.

Our Future Moves

We will continue to invest into image development and research programs thereby ushering in
newer technologies, futuristic hardware applications and innovation into the industry.

Want to leave a legacy, Connect FC....



Technical Head

George Christopher

Chief Technology Officer

Vishnu Kumar.K

Co-Founder & Head – Corporate Strategy

Murali Gunasekaran

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prince Faraqualeeth Raja M

Co-Founder & Head - Training


Image Consultant

Nanda Kumar Chinnasamy

Co - Founder & Director

A native of Srirangam in Tamil Nadu, Murali dropped out of school early and moved to Mumbai to join a well-wisher in his furniture business. He was first appointed as a salesman but on the strength of his performance, was soon promoted as the manager of the firm. After a brief stint, he came back to Tamil Nadu and started an insurance agency business in Erode supporting many top insurance companies. He was consistently rated as the best performer in his region. Still not completely satisfied, Murali ventured into the film industry hoping to become a film distributor. During that period, he was introduced to the magical world of cinematography and soon that became his focus and passion. Endowed with a strong visual sense and determined to make a difference, In 2016 he started Fotoclickers Private Limited, India’s first technology driven on-demand photography company and has been leading it ever since with great distinction.